For us it is about doing something now. 

Amplified Voices is not your traditional non-profit. We activate conversations that inspire action. Our backgrounds are in brand building, media and digital marketing. With a passion for making an impact on all vulnerable communities that are at risk for juvenile sexual exploitation, including the Native American, LGBTQ, and minority ESL communities. 

Sarah Perron

Amplified Voices Founder

Sarah has been at the forefront of the advertising and digital marketing world for two decades, with experience at global agencies that includes groundbreaking work for Starwood Hotels, Target, Ameriprise, Best Buy and BMW.

Throughout these years, Sarah also worked tirelessly advocating for women and children, with a focus on homelessness, abuse and sexual exploitation.  Sarah is a board member of The Link, and sat on past boards such as WATCH MN.



Clea Korf

Amplified Voices Founder

For more than 20 years, Clea traveled the world working as a senior marketing and product design executive.

Through her travels in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, she witnessed first-hand the poverty that is at the core of global human trafficking.  A passion for human rights and women’s issues drove her to continuously strive to better and give back to the communities that she came from.





Landmark events attract 100’s of millions of media impressions, providing a massive megaphone that we’ll leverage to spread our message.

For example: an estimated 112 million viewers watched the 2018 Super Bowl, with 5000 media covering the event. 

We spread the message via a robust online media campaign, coupled with a recognizable social call-to-action and guerrilla marketing tactics, as well as messaging partnerships with hospitality and the travel industry.

Amplifying the voices and visibility of local advocates and organizations, driving support for the cause and these organizations in each community. 



We will convene a table of stakeholders and the voices of the victims. As a national catalyst we will create a web of awareness from community to community across the country.


The combined forces will include non-profits, policy makers, law enforcement, hospitality and travel, as well as nationally recognized experts. 

Creating a new model, so that learnings are documented and are transferable, to inform efforts in each new host city. 

We will identify innovative solutions to decrease demand, with resonant messaging targeted at the appropriate audiences. 



Action starts with awareness. We will lead the way in driving a lasting legacy of support devoted to the fight against child sex trafficking in each community. 

Drive support and engagement in each community for local organizations and advocates doing their work on this issue.

Creating connections between like minded efforts, nationally.

We will identify strategic research needed to further the work to stop sex trafficking. 



January 21st - Amplified Voices joined 100,000 supporters of women's rights. 

March 2nd - Amplified Voices will join the Mossier Social Action Innovation Center in participating in a conference workshop on inclusivity in the travel and hospitality industry in the LGBT community at the University of MN.  


Because together, our voices cannot be ignored.