Action starts with awareness

Be Aware: Educate yourself about the issue. Learn how to spot recruitment and individuals who are being trafficked. There are many resources for information regarding juvenile sex trafficking, here are a few:

Be An Ambassador: Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about the fact that this is happening in our community and ask them to get involved.

Take A Stand: If you see something say something.  This is someone's child, brother or sister, someone's grandchild, they should not be invisible to us. Call 888.373.7888 or text BeFree (233733) 


The more voices, the more clearly we are heard. Interested in joining us? Every helping hand is welcome. Email us to find out how you can help our organization, or other organizations in your community. Email us at

Host a Fundraiser

Our amplification efforts depend on grassroots funding to augment foundation giving. If you are interested in hosting an Amplified Voices fundraiser, you can make a significant impact on ending child sex trafficking.